Scottish Sculpture Workshop

I’ve come to the end of my very productive stay at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in rural Aberdeenshire.

Everything is just about ready to get picked up and taken all the way to Broomhill.

I began this week cutting to size all of my wooden posts for the internal frame of my sculpture.


Then I began putting it together to make sure that everything was going to fit. Which it didn’t entirely. But, after some tweaking and cobbling together, it started looking like I had imagined it.


Eventually I was happy enough that it was all going to work out, next I had to start thinking about how to get it on to a pallet for shipping.

I had to cut some pieces in half to conform to the pallet’s restrictions, but in the end it compacted up pretty nicely.

There’s a couple of last things to do, but this baby is pretty much ready to be put on a truck and enjoy the road trip of it’s life.





I realise I haven’t posted very much at all here. I’ve been super busy so I haven’t had much time to get anything written down. So here we go:

Initially my plan was to make the internal structure of my sculpture, A Home Away, from steel. This started to seem like it would be much harder than I thought, as the costs of both the material and the manufacture were going to be just too much. On top of this I don’t have as much metal work experience as I do with other materials. All things considered I decided making the internal frame from wood would be a million times easier, and cheaper as well.

For the main construction of the sculpture, I have booked next week to go to the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Lumsden, near Aberdeen. While I’ve been waiting for this week to arrive I’ve been focusing on the outside panels of the building I’m creating. Although it would have obviously have been more logical to build the internal frame first and then make the outside panels to fit it, I simply didn’t have the time.

So I ordered lots of exterior plywood from a local timber merchant and started to get to work cutting it all to size.

tumblr_o6gpu2vd8C1qfugedo7_1280   tumblr_o6gpu2vd8C1qfugedo5_1280.jpg

After it was all cut I started to think about how to make it look good but also make sure it was weatherproof. I got some tester paints and some wood oil, did a few experiments and settled on using three paint colours but leaving most of the natural wood showing and weatherproofing it with just the oil.

Next up, I’ll be going to the Scottish Sculpture Workshop where I have some fence posts waiting for me. I’ll construct my internal frame, make sure that the external panels all fit correctly, deconstruct the whole thing and get it packed up on to a pallet so it can be taken roughly 600 miles to Broomhill!

I’ll try and do another update asap


A Home Away

My work is based on the exploration of an alternative world, Tenzing, a strange undiscovered planet with it’s own weird creatures, cities and landscapes.

The Sculpture I am creating is going to be a building taken from the eastern coast of Soupstate, the smallest continent of Tenzing. The architectural style form this region is ramshackle and dense.

The building will be tall enough for a person to walk through, it will be comprised of a metal frame and clad mainly with wood.

My main task at the moment is figuring out how best to make the frame. It would be easiest to get a metal-work professional to build it quickly and well, but so far all the quotes I’ve got have been extortionate. My second, and preferred option is to go to a  sculpture workshop and build the whole thing myself. This will no doubt be challenging but I think I could learn a lot from it.

Sculpture1sketch 4