Giles Miller Studio – Sieve Sphere Prototyping

By exploring a range of design and engineering processes, Giles Miller Studio has produced a series of prototypes of their Sieve Sphere sculpture (pictured).

Development of the final form of the structure has enabled the team to visualise the final effect of the sculpture and how it will integrate into a natural environment.

In the coming weeks, Giles Miller Studio will be finalising the material for the sculpture and producing the final piece to be submitted for the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize.

Prototype of the Sieve Sphere, Broomhill National Sculpture Prize 2016
A closer look at the Sieve Sphere prototype, Broomhill National Sculpture Prize 2016

Giles Miller Studio introduces the ‘Sieve’ concept

London-based Artist and designer Giles Miller specialises in the development of truly innovative surface, material and sculptural artworks. Giles’ studio is interested in light, reflection, texture and the manipulation of all three of these elements, to create subtle and functional artworks.
Concept – ‘Sieve’
The studio’s latest experiments focus on the composition of 3-dimensional forms which are made up of thousands of components, each manipulated intentionally to create controlled but abstract reflections of their surroundings.
We intend the commission, in the beautiful Broomhill Sculpture Gardens, to represent the latest manifestation of our ongoing experimentation with sculpture and texture – Giles Miller
‘Sieve’ plays with both positive and negative space, giving the surface a feeling of altering density when the viewer moves around it. The alternating angles of the components allow for light to either be blocked or allowed to flow through the surface, while the reflective material of the components create abstract impressions of the surrounding landscape.
Commission – ‘Sieve’ Sphere
Visualisation of the proposed ‘Sieve’ Sphere, Broomhill National Sculpture Prize 2016
Uniquely to Broomhill Sculpture Gardens, Giles Miller will create a sphere-shaped mass of controlled components, using the newly developed ‘Sieve’ technique.
Ultimately, this piece should have an aesthetic that enhances the experience of its user (the viewer), and a form which enhances the beautiful environment surrounding it – Giles Miller
The piece will contrast with its environment in form, whilst interacting with it by way of a dialogue of light and shadow, which considers the viewer’s perspective, surrounding movements and sunlight.